Correctional Clinician Training

is an online continuing education platform for diversified correctional professionals. We offer courses for medical staff, social workers, mental health, correctional officers, administration/management, interns, and volunteers.

Why Choose CCT?

Our goal at CCT is to provide evidence-based resources that can help improve correctional staff knowledge and facility operations no matter what the size of the institution. When you choose a CCT course, you can expect a secure, trusted and reliable online learning environment that offers the following benefits:

  • Paperless solutions for all of your training needs! Complete your selected course, take the associated test, download your certificate and send it in for credit!

  • Up-to-date information that covers the latest trends and best practices.

  • Courses that meet institutional training needs.

  • Courses that provide annual CCHP credits for NCCHC recertification and that meet ACA training requirements.

  • The ability to work at your own pace with 24 hour access!

Provide Your Entire Staff with Training

CCT can offer your institution a cost effective solution for your entire staff’s NEO and annual training!

Offer CCT courses to your entire staff and help them meet their onboarding and continuing education needs. All of our content is created by credentialed correctional professionals and is compliant with NCCHA and ACH standards. Let our team help your team meet their training goals.
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CCT provides courses of exceptional value for the student.


CCT staff work together to develop and deliver a high quality product that will serve our students.

Staff Training

Are you looking for a cost effective solution for your staff's NEO and annual trainings?

Let us help you! All our content is created by credentialed correctional professionals and is compliant with NCCHC and ACA standards.
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